Fuerza de Tarea Inglesa

Guerra de Malvinas 1982

Fuerza de Tarea Inglesa

Air Power  
10 Squadron;
18 Squadron;
24 Squadron;
30 Squadron;
47 Squadron;
70 Squadron;  
29 Squadron;
42 Squadron;
44 Squadron;
50 Squadron;
101 Squadron;
55 Squadron;

Ship losses Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm:

Squadrons of the Royal Air Force:
1 (F) Squadron.

Detachments of: 57 Squadron;
120 Squadron;
201 Squadron;
206 Squadron;
202 Squadron.  

Royal Air Force Regiment 3;

Other units: Tactical Communications Wing;
Tactical Supply Wing;
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team.    

May 4, HMS Sheffield;
May 21, HMS Ardent;
May 23, HMS Antelope
May 25, HMS Coventry;
May 25, SS Atlantic Conveyor;
June 8, RFA Sir Galahad.  

Land Power
Army Units:
Two troops The Blues and Royals;
4th Field Regiment Royal Artillery;
12th Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery;
29th Commando Regiment Royal Artillery;
36 Engineer Regiment;
59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers;
5th Infantry Brigade Headquarters and Signals Squadron;
2nd Battalion Scots Guards;
1st Battalion Welsh Guards;
1st Battalion 7th Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles;
2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment;
3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment;
656 Squadron Army Air Corps;
407 Troop Royal Corps of Transport;
16 Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps;
81 Ordnance Company Royal Army Ordnance Corps;
10 Field Workshop Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers;
6 Field Cash Office Royal Army Pay Corps;
601 Tactical Air Control Party;
602 Tactical Air Control Party;
603 Tactical Air Control Party.

Elements of:
43 Air Defence Battery, 32nd Guided Weapons Regiment Royal Artillery;
49th Field Regiment Royal Artillery;
Royal School of Artillery Support Regiment;
33 Engineer Regiment;
38 Engineer Regiment; Military Works Force;
2 Postal and Courier Regiment Royal Engineers;
14th Signal Regiment;
30th Signal Regiment;
602 Signal Troop;
22nd Special Air Service Regiment;
17 Port Regimental Royal Corps of Transport;
29 Transport and Movements Regiment Royal Corps of Transport;
47 Air Despatch Squadron Royal Corps of Transport;

The Joint Helicopter Support Unit;

19 Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps;
9 Ordnance Battalion Royal Army Ordnance Corps;
70 Aircraft Workshop Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers;
160 Provost Company Royal Military Police


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